Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Marshal, You look so so handsome and Sara is just beautiful! I am so glad you went to Prom and had a lot of fun, I am just sad that I did not get to be there to take pictures and be the crazy, happy sister! Thanks for posting the pictures for us to see, I love them!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Davis Family Sits On Rocks

So, hey, who came up with the great name for our blogspot? It just dawned on me, looking at the photo of us all sitting on rocks at Felicita Park, that the name for our blog may be a pun deriving from that cool photo of all nine of us beautiful people, softly backlit by the setting sun.

Sorry Mom and I have been so absent from the blog for so long. It's just that, since we live in a place where nobody comes to visit, we never have a reason to clean up our house. As a result, we can never find a computer to log on to the family blog and see what all of you are up to.

I just got back from an amazing mountain bike ride. There is about a five mile loop of pretty narrow, rocky, tree-lined single track behind our house. It started to rain the minute I left the house. As I cruised through the narrow lanes I started noticing piles of moose poo here and there.

The piles kept growing fresher and fresher until I noticed the last pile was still steaming. Luckily I never came across the moose, but I did come across six beautiful white-tailed deer, standing in a meadow, watching me with the curiosity of someone whose house has just been invaded by a creature they don't really fear but don't quite recognize.

If I had come across the pooping moose and if it had trampled me to death, or if I had hit my head on a rock and frozen to death a few miles behind my house, I want you to know that I would have died content in the knowledge that I am a part of one of the most beautiful families God ever created. Indeed, it is true: The Davis family rocks.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have really been wanting to post pictures of our new place, unfortunately, what I haven't really been wanting to do is completely finish unpacking so that it finally looks picture worthy. I decided I needed some incentive, and the thing that always gets me moving is the prospect of people seeing my mess. So we are having some friends over for a barbecue tonight which means that the house has to be in spotless, everything put away condition by 7PM tonight.

Wish me luck, and hopefully you will get some pictures soon.

How is summer term....well I am not going to lie Emily it is not Awesome! I mean the social part is but that is the bummer I am too busy studying because they are not cutting down my classes at all so I don't have time to enjoy the sun and weather. So sad....I have made a good decision thought from this experience, for now on I am going to enjoy Spring and Summer and not take classes, just work and play will be my agenda. If these classes were not for my internship and required to go finally fulfill my dream then I would have dropped them the first day:D haha How is everyone else doing? Dad, I sure hope you guys buy a boat! Marshal and Sara are so cute! I love you guy heaps...and can everyone please post more and add comments!? I would appreciate it a lot, and so would Rachel!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

:You've All Been Tagged:

It's a sign that you haven't been to your own family blog lately when the URL doesn't even fill in when you start typing...davisfamil....nope, nothing came up. Well, this post will change things!

Hope everyone is doing well.

Parents Davis: Are you buying a boat??!
Christian: What timecode is your Zohan cue at? (You know, so we can watch and listen for it!)
Ryan: How's school?
Rachel: How's the new place? (Pictures?!)
Kinsey: How's summer term? (Awesome!)
Marshal: Are you reading this?? :)
Parker: How do your teeth feel? Post a picture of your cute smile!

Remember this guy?

Love, Emily