Monday, June 30, 2008

Due to popular demand...

Open living room and dining room
Can you find Roxanne?



Master Bedroom

The Office/Guestroom

Upstairs Continued...

Future Baby Room

Monday, June 23, 2008

so rachel i never thought you guys would actually make you yard look nice. but you prooouuved me wrong and here is my list of names
Angus tyreke tyrece dominique, maurice parker alfie lighnting thunder chewbacca carmelo
lebron jelly bean fat tony homer maggie bart midge moe yoda and finally mace windu!


WOW!!!! Parker and I are just speechless! Your yard looks amazing and we seriously could not believe the change. You have done a great job and we can hardly wait to see pictures of your house too! We love you guys!!

Parkman and Kinseybutt

The Repor

Hey family, check out this episode of "The Colbert Report" he interviews an Anglican bishop whose ideas of heaven are quite similar to ours. Very interesting.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The re-landscaped yard

For anyone who remembers the picture of our back yard, you will remember that it didn't look like much...well after a couple weeks of breaking my back I've re-landscaped it all by my lonesome! There's still some flowers or vegetables to plant in the planter box behind the patio, but its basically done! Here's the before and after...



We'll post pictures of the inside this weekend. I'll be painting the finished kitchen, and then it'll be up to Rachel to clean up her room...a little teamwork on getting Rach to clean her room would be appreciated, help me get her to do it and you'll have pictures by the end of the week...

We're Still Alive!

Sorry everyone, I didn't know that the family blog was so alive and well, I had quit checking it since it wasn't being used there for a while. So Emily and I went to Disneyland on Tuesday for our 2nd anniversary, it was my first time in a long time but thankfully Emily is a pro! She doesn't need a map or anything, she just knows where everything is! It was really hot and crowded and I think I got so exhausted from standing in long lines that we had to take a break on my behalf and went to see Indiana Jones during the hottest part of the day. The best part of the day (besides being with Emily) was the fireworks at the end of the night, amazing!

So things have calmed down a lot at work since we're in between projects and everyone is gone but me. I still have some small things to do every now and then for Rupert, but I am also getting to do some of my own stuff now. I am scoring a short film for a friend in our ward that I am really excited about. Musically it's going to be Lost meets Crash, well at least for now.

Emily has been interviewing like crazy and got a great job offer yesterday for a PR firm here in Santa Monica. So by the end of today she will most likely be employed. It is owned by a woman and run by women, I think of the 40 employees there are only 4 guys, don't know if they're straight or not. Anyway, they absolutely love Emily and really want her, it's nice to be needed.

Ok, love you all, see you in 2 weeks.

Marshal Davis

Today is my second to last day of college classes. This is exciting i get to run the half mile today. So that should be fun. I dropped 3% on my healthy body percentage thing. So that is excited. I dont have to much to write about. I get to see you all in like two weeks i am real excited. I love you guys :p

Thursday, June 12, 2008


First of all, congrats Marshal! Losing a midget is no small feet, no pun intended. However, I think it would be more accurate to say you lost a runway model. Also, the reason we havn't posted pictures yet was it wasn't till last week that I finished all the painting in the house, and our kitchen is a construction zone until wednesday. We'll take pictures once that's done. I'll post more sometime, but I gotta get to the lab.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And Another Thing

We've been having some insane weather out here lately. Last week we had some tornadoes and lost our power for a day, then we had an insane heat wave, can you say 101 degrees with 85% humidity? Thanks heavens we have A/C! Last night Ryan and I were out running some errands after work, we headed home around 8:30 and the skies were perfectly clear, within 5 minutes we were being pummeled by huge sheets of rain and the streets were almost flooding. On top of that there was crazy scary lightning all along the way. You know, the kind that you hear the thunder at the same time that you see the light? Yeah, that close. And I learned something about myself, I have an INTENSE fear of lightning. I mean, it stands to reason considering our families experience with lightning. But I guess I always thought the way I reacted to it was normal. You know, my fists automatically tighten, my heart rate jumps. Last night was pretty bad. When we got to our house I was too scared to go from the car to the house. It took me a few minutes to gather myself before making a mad dash in, almost crying the whole way. And through all of this? Ryan isn't even phased. So yeah, add that to my list of phobias.


Buna Ziua Familiile mea!!!! That is Hello my Family in Romanian. Marshal....go-carting and skittles, well you sound like you are just having an awesome time! and CONGRATULATIONS on losing a midget, that is quite an accomplishment! Rachel, I am glad to hear the nausea is slowing down and Ryan is being so good to you!! I love you guys, thanks for still posting on the blog. As for me, I have just been so busy in school that I am sorry I have not had time to post on the blog but if you all got the family e-mail from the other day you were able to see that I am still putting aside time to have a lot of fun! Rachel I miss having you as my work out buddy, I barely ever go anymore because it just is not as fun alone. But last night I went with Brittany and her huge African Boyfriend, who played the role as our personal trainer last night. Well, let me just say it is a miracle I can walk today after everything he put me through last night! haha but it definitely taught me about what I need to start doing in my work outs again. Have a great day everyone TE IUBESC!!!!

RandR Update

So things out here have been pretty fun lately. With Ryan out of school for the summer, he actually has time to hang out with me which I love. Ryan is doing research this summer on a potential vaccine for hookworm in Brazil, but he doesn't work full days so he's been getting a lot done around the house and yard. As Emily requested, we really will post pictures soon, I'm setting a deadline from myself of this coming Sunday!

We've been on some nice bike rides and walks together down by the Potomac, we've seen some good movies (loved Prince Caspian even though I didn't like the first Narnia), eaten some good food when my stomach decides to let me, and reconnected with some old friends. Many of you remember Rich who was Christian and Ryan's roomate at BYU. He and his wife moved out here a couple of weeks ago and its been fun to hang out with them.

I am still a sicky, although I can tell that the nauseau is fading, its not nearly as constant as it used to be. Ryan is being wonderful to me and picking up all of my slack around the house. He is also indulging me in my whininess about the nauseau. I know it must be annoying but he always listens with a sympathetic ear.

Thats all from here. I am so excited to see everyone in just a few weeks! Its going to be so much fun.

i have been considering...

changing the name of this blog to marshal davis rocks. because with how little you huys use it and how much i have used it since i can again. it's just plain ridiculous. so i have decided to tell you my biggest secret of losing weight. i was never sure if it was really the secret to my sucess. but after yesterday, i am positive that it is the secret... so here it goes.
After my weigh in last week i was somewhat down. Even though it was 2.(something) and by many peoples standards would not be considered a bad weigh in. I thought it was. So how did i react, i ate more food. This week i ate a fair amount more of calories. Normally if a, person does this they would lose very little or maintain. at least thats how it normally is at this program. So this brings me to yesterday...the day before my weigh in this morning.
I woke up and went to school, as an "ascender" (my level or status in the program)i get a $10 card to by food on campusm if i choose to use it.) so i remembered a week similar to this one about a month ago when i did not expect to lose much at all, when my friend bob gave me skittles the night before weigh in. and i ate them and the next day i hade a miracle weigh in of 5.8 the next long story short i bought some skittles and ate them yesterday hoping to recreate the miracle.
Even though i did this i didn't expect the miracle to re-occur at all, but low and behold i step on that scale this morning and lose 5.2 pounds, (screams ensue weigh in room) what the crap! i lost 5.2? idk how this skittle thing works,but hey...i ain't complaining lol
just so you know i am not suggesting you try this... but it is ironic
but the crazier thing is this... my total weight loss after this morning is 100 pounds :p this has got me way excited. just so you all know. I have lost a small person, like a midget or something. In honor of losing a midget i am going to find a midget and carry him around on my shoulders or something for a little while.
love you guys
use this freaking blog
ps.if you want to eat a candy, skittles are th way to go, a bag of skittles is 230 calories and 2.5 fat grams. which is actually on program. but they dont ecourage candy eating cuz of the lack of nutrition.
pss.i am kind of wondering if the sugar boosts your metabolism or something? ryan? or is it just strange coincidence?

Monday, June 9, 2008

my weekend

oh yeah holme skillets. i rock and you guys are boring!!!
Check out this video: go carting yeah


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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today is June 7th

Hey Rachel,

Remember on May 7th how you were having people over and had to have your house spotless for them that night and so you might as well take pictures at the same time?

Is it still in that same spotless condition 30 days later? Because I would love to see your cute house :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hey Marshal...I am glad to see you get on here still, maybe it could just become our blog! Since you told me about yours I am going to tell you about mine....I wake up around eight or nine, depending on how I feel, go to the library and study until 12:30 and then I go to work until 4:00 and then I have class until 7:30, and then I go on my evening run, work my abs and arms, watch a movie, go to bed just to wake up the next day to do the same thing!!! I gotta give you props on waking up so early, way to go! I had to wake up that early once this year and I thought it was going to kill me!! So, my weeks may be pretty boring but my weekends are really fun...I already went salsa dancing last night and then tonight I have a party to go to, a dance, and tomorrow a bbq plus an 80's dance!! That is the great thing about living in a College town there is always something to do! Marshal you are going to love it! I am not sure if I have anything else of importance to talk about...I love our FAMILY!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

college in reedley

soooooo here is brief synopsis of my day so far.
I woke up at 5:45 and got ready for weigh in (cut to me doing a work out similar to the one rocky does every morning).
Then at six i raced over to the weigh in room so as to not have to wait behind all the smelly children.
I then proceeded to step on a scale and much to my pleasure lost 2.(something) pounds. Due to my extreme laziness i am not willing to do the math so therefore i lost 2.(something).
So yea then i showered went to school, got really bored during a lecture on "the battle of bunker hill" for the ten thousandth time, all they really need to tell you is that the battle inspired the militias and showed that the british army wasn't invincible.
So after snoring my way through class i made my way to the computer lab and wrote this blog which you guys almost never use....
but yeah i am already almost halfway done with my classes. I kinda like the four week semester thing
I love you guys.
please start writing in this again. cuz i get awfully bored.