Friday, October 31, 2008

The House

Wow - the house looks beautiful! I can't wait to visit/live in the basement when we give up on LA! Thanks, Parker, for uploading all of those pictures -- I know it really does take forever. But that's what youngest children are for, right? :)

there are more pics on the older posts page

it took me like a frickn million years to get all of those pics in there so i excpect everyone and i mean everyone to post. not comment post.

that is the front

this is house and my room windows

that is the the future fir pit and the back of house

There must be something in the water in Heber.....

To Get Parker not only blogging but putting up pictures of the house!!! Parker, I am so proud of you! Way to step up and get out family blog going again! I love the pictures of the house and can hardly wait to see some of the yard everyone keeps talking about! the shoes, are just beautiful....if you buy those can we make a movie out of it like with the last ones? I miss you bud and I will so be posting on here again, thanks for the inspiration!!!

this is our patio and the backyard from the patio

this is my room and my toilet

ths is our giant pantry

this is the living room and the stair way down to the basement

this is the family room

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i want those shoes major bad bad but dont got em yet


Now we can truly say the world is changing -- we may be going through economic, financial, political, and moral crises in our country, but there is still good news to be heard: PARKER IS BLOGGING!!!

P.S. Love those shoes, Park, seriously. Maybe you'll be wearing them at Christmas...?
P.P.S. Agent Self is a good guy, so why does he need to die?

check em

moms great

 i am awesome ia ma awesome oh yah baby. so m arshal madr thei for mo. moms great. and so is marshal pysch

My name is awesome

i am parker this is first blog speak caveman like love marshal he cool me go to concert nightto it be funs. kill agent self (from prisonbreak)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Special Request!

Hey Family,

So, I was chattin with Mike tonight and he has been keeping up on our family members blogs, so please don't mention the whole me being married and having three kids already thing on your blogs, and he was sad to see that no one has been keeping up on the posts on our main family blog. There are people out there who actually read it and we have one known fan so we should try our hardest to keep it updated and lively not for us but for our fans:) Mom, Dad and Parker that means you guys too! I love you all!