Monday, October 29, 2007

Brown Boise

So Emily and I went to Boise this weekend, kind of a last minute impromptu thing. Her brother Jeff and his wife Lindsey found a really cheap Ding fare so they flew out to since Emily's Dad has a lot of family up there, so we drove up Friday afternoon and back Sunday afternoon. It was fun, I got to play the wii for the first time and think it's the coolest ever! We also played a serious game of Vegas Showdown. I had a big test today so I just studied the entire drive. So it was good to get away and not so good to be back but school's almost done, I can make it, I can make it....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hockey Game!

We had so much fun at the hockey game on Friday! Hockey is definitely one of the most exciting sports to watch. The people that go to watch hockey are pretty amusing too. Every time somebody gets slammed into the side of the rink, everyone in the crowd yells out in hopes that a fight is about to break out on the ice. It was hilarious.

But the most important thing about the game is...Ryan and I got on the jumbotron!!!!! I would like to be able to say I did something cool, but honestly, I just waved at the camera guy, and next thing you know, there I am 0n the big screen, and guess what? I'm still just waving! Yeah, pretty uncool, but it was my first time on the jumbotron, so it was still exciting.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Progress Report

Hey family!

No one has posted this week, probably because we've all been so distracted by the fires. But I just wanted to drop a line about whats been going on over here for us the last little while. Ryan and I had a pretty good week, other than the worrying about you West Coasters!

I for one, fulfilled a new goal I had set to work out Mon -Thursday in the mornings. And...I did it! Can you believe that I actually got out of bed two hours earlier than necessary voluntarily? I can't! But it turns out, I really enjoy being up in the early morning, and starting my day out with a good work out and a nice healthy breakfast. It really gets my day off to a good start!

Ryan is going a little crazy right now studying for his next set of exams. These are supposed to be much harder than the first. And Ryan never thinks he is prepared enough (although he usually is).

Roxy has been a little shocked by the fact that a temperature other than a nice 78 degrees exists. Its started to get colder here, and been raining like crazy this week, and whenever that happens she starts doing her business in the kitchen, which is fun for us. But we are re training her to still go outside, even if it is cold.

I got four free tickets from work to the hockey game here tonight, so we are going with some friends. The Washington Capitals vs. the Vancouver Canucks. They are really great seats, so it should be a good game!

How is everyone else? Marshal, maybe you could update us on what you've been doing out there. Grandma mentioned you were helping put out hot spots? Sounds pretty cool.

Love to you all!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

California's Burning

for real. talk about 4 wild fires at once. thats why everyone moves here.

im going to watch the meteor shower tonight


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scratch that

so i was just looking at the skype software and was wrong. it does not work for video conferencing. howevver i managed to find a much better easier solution. its called mebeam...the best part is you dont have to downloade anthing. its a website that offers free video conferencing you go to this url
and type in the name of the conference room in are case are room will be called
and you will be given a few options as follows

1. change it to "allow"
2. go to the microphone thingy and change it to "built in input" if you are on a PC on a mac it on DV audio
3. click on the camera looking thing this depends on what kind of webcam you have. if your webcam is a firewire webcam click the firewire option if it is usb use the usb option (if you are running the built in camera on a mac use the usb one as well)

we need to test this all out. mom and dad still dont have webcam so this will be just with the kids

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hold your horses

Hey, so I looked into video conferencing and you can only do a one way video chat from Mac to PC, it's only if we all had Mac's that we could do up to a 4 computer video chat/conference, but I bet they'll fix that soon enough, or maybe they already have, so someone should prove me wrong so we can all video chat together! So I just spent the day upgrading my studio, I got a bunch of new software, it's rockin! Was the naked girl going counterclockwise for anyone? Does everyone know that Emily has a blog? She is the 'blog master' and she knows how to do all of these cool background and HTML things and she spruced up both her blog and the family blog today, they both look very cool! So I finished the score for that lame-o student film I was telling you about, I'm glad it's done. My love to you all and a Merry Weekend!


so we talked about doing video conferencing. lets do it. first step is for everyone to get a webcam. they cost like 20-30 bucks. so everyone do that and then let me know then we can get to the second step of the davis family great webcam adventure


Also, props to whoever redesigned the page. Its very festive!

Daily Recipes

Recently I'd been feeling a need to add some variety to my recipe book. So I went to the Better Homes and Gardens website,, and signed up to receive daily recipes in my e-mail. Its been really fun so far, and I've gotten lots of really great recipes from them! Just thought I would share that with you all, so if any of you are feeling a need for new recipes, this is an easy way to do it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

right or left brained

I see it go both ways, does that make me two brained...or just sexy

Right or Left Brained

if it goes clockwise you are right brained

if it goes counter clockwise you are left brained

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh, yeah that last post was from Kinsey.....and Marshal I was looking over all the old posts and your pictures are really rad! I love em! Rachel, we hung out with the cast of High School Musical!! That would be a dream come true, and guess what? I live ten minutes away from the high school where they filmed it, so exciting.....hahaha Dad, I love you and your comments, where is Mom and Parker? Christian's music was really awesome, and the story really lame! Emily you ROCK! Ryguy what can I say......ummm kick some medical school butt!! Ok, over and out!

Hello from the beautiful city of Provo! I am so sorry I have not been blogging but man life in college can just get so busy you feel like you can never catch up and well I am here now and that is all that matters. So, life has been just a lot of papers and tests and trying to get ahead in school. This weekend Rachel W. will be coming out here and we are going to play the whole weekend! That will be a nice break from just being at home bored and alone. Oh, and just so everyone has the comfort (especially marshal) I will never be moving to Canada as things with me and Jon and gone even lower then friendship, but hey I am happy. I love the single life, except on those cloudy cold days, like today, but hey I got five girls to chill with. 5 Girls=1 Guy haha Wow, this blog is just so random. Oh, Jon Heder's brother, Matt, is in my FHE group and is way cute and cool, and also going into the movie business, so maybe I will just try to keep it in the fam:D haha Well, I am going to stop now before I just keep saying dumb things, if you have not been able to tell I am exhausted. Have a great one fam!! I love all of you HEAPS!!!

Nothing to report

Hi Fam,

Sorry I haven't blogged, I have been pretty busy, took a huge test Monday, studied the two days before for it, now I have two more tests this coming Monday! AAaaah! I hate school but what else is new. Um, I am writing music for this really crappy student film, I think this will be my last student film ever. I had two films at the BYU "Final Cut" film festival. Did any of you watch CSI? It's a pretty dumb episode but it was surreal to hear my music on TV. Ok, my love to you all.


i would like to inform all those that knew i have had insomnia the past few nights that i got to sleep at 11:30 last night. which in comparison to 3 or 4 am is amazing.
-NOTORIOUS m.a.r.s.h.a.l

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Because my life is so boring...

I dont have much to post. Or at least it wouldn't be fun to read.... but o well.
Today i decided to sleep in to help adjust my sleeping pattern to the way it used to be. I woke up and went to charter graded my packets with my home dog Ronald Page. Then on the way home i stopped at hollywood video and sat outside til it opened (30 min). I persisted to fall asleep on the concrete. At 10 am i arose and entered the complex and sprinted towards the new release section snatched the first transformers and am now famous to be the only guy that the hollywood video has had camp outside there store to rent a movie.
I then drove home drank some apple juice, studied for the ACT watched transformers fell asleep, woke up and finished transfromers, worked on a packet, fell asleep, woke up ate dinner and wrote this blog.
I am afraid i may have put all your lives to shame, dont be depressed cuz your life isn't nearly as exciting as MINE!!!!!!!
- NOTORIOUS m.a.r.s.h.a.l
(i just figured you all had cool gangster names)

Why am I the only one posting?

Its been two days since the last posts, which were both from me, someone else needs to share!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Blog

Ryan and I are starting our own blog in addition to this one. It is located at .

Great weekend!

Ryan and I had one of those weekends that reminds you why sometimes its important to get off the couch, and actually get out and do something.

Friday night, I went into the city and met Ryan at his school. He took me up to the cadavar lab to show me what he had been working on. I was really anxious about the whole situation. But it turns out that if you watch enough Law & Order, a real life cadavar doesn't look very different from what you see on TV.

After that we walked over to Georgetown (the neighorhood right next to Foggy Bottom, where Ryan's school is) and had our first good Indian food experience over here! We had been discouraged up to this point, thinking that we might never find a good Indian restaurant on the East Coast. After dinner we walked to a park that we really like that overlooks the Potomac. It was right about dusk, which is the perfect time to watch the lights changing on the water. We ended the night by going to the theatre and watching Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which is a pretty good flick, and then taking the metro back home.

Next morning we woke up, decided to go for brunch at a French cafe that Ryan likes in Old Town Alexandria. We put Roxy's leash on, had a nice outdoor breakfast, and then strolled around town, past the farmers market, and again down to the Potomac and laid around, enjoying the nice sunny day.

We have been pretty excited this last week as the air took on that crisp feeling associated with fall. After living in San Diego for a year, it is exciting to have seasons again. And we were reminded of the romantic feeling that goes along with each change of season. The excitement of turning off the AC and getting out your long sleeved clothes. Feeling the anticipation of the first snowfall. The beginning of Fall here has reminded me that I always want to live somewhere with seasons like this!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Emily's Art Project

I sure can't keep up with Marshal, but here is the outcome of my artistic efforts:

D A V I S id="fs_7" title=""F"">

A M letter i L Y

It's really easy and fun - this website will spell anything you want.

And, um, ignore the HTML code in the middle of my picture - I can't get it to go away!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marshal Dix Rocks the Casbah, Er, Felicita Ward

Pops Is Melancholy In Arkansas

Hey, amazing Davis/McBeth family --

I am in Arkansas for a few days doing some business on "The Other Side of Heaven" and staying with Tony and Brenda. I logged onto our family blog tonight and was just struck by how blessed we all are to have each other, to be each other. I just really, really love our family and want you all to know how grateful I am for each of you and how proud I am of all of you.

Not to ruin a good sentiment, but I am frequently reminded how quickly all of the blessings in our life can turn on a dime. You probably all have heard about Mom and Parker's harrowing moose incident by now. That story had a happy, safe ending. It could have easily gone the other way. I am so grateful that I will be coming home to both of them in a few days, and that Penny will be there to annoy me as well.

Being here with Tony and Brenda has reminded me a lot of what it was like to have a younger family. We went in their Suburban to the girls' soccer games tonight. I watched Sofia prance around in her uniform, feeling very cute, being very social, and not really caring about where the soccer ball was, and I was taken soaring back to a similar field twenty years ago in Moorpark, California, where I watched my adorable little daughter, Rachel, do exactly the same thing.

Wow. It all really happens so fast.

Parker, blogging is not lame and neither are you. Get on board, my young, uberathletic son.

Marshal, I agree with Ryan that your second (less pineapples) version is the better of the two. I love all of your other digital art. Looks like a cool class. You have a lot of talent in that department.

Kinsey, where are you?

Rachel, you rock. And you have to quit advancing Roxy over Penny. We need to be equal opportunity dog lovers in our family.

Ryan, you rock also. Very cool that you find time to contribute to our blog whilst carving up cadavers and doing other highbrow things at medical school.

Christian, you most obviously rock because your rock music is about to rock not one but two, count 'em, two CSI Miami episodes.

Emily, are you hanging out somewhere with Kinsey?

Michelle: You are the love of my life. Call me a month from now when you sign on to our blog and read those words.

I love and admire all of you. Families are eternal. In the end, they are (you are) all that matter.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I like the second one, the first one is a bit busy, takes away from the central picture. You want the background to direct you to the central part so that people will look at that, instead of getting distracted by the surroundings. Good work!

Pick Your Poison?

I am trying to decide wich one to turn in for this exercise... lemme know wich one you like.

lots of love

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bienvenido a Miami

Hey Fam, So some good news, Kevin just sent me the next episode of CSI and wants me to write for him again!

New Web Site

Hey Family, So last night I purchased a real website for myself,, what is up there now is only temporary, when I have the time I am going to make it hot! I am just way excited to have a real webpage that I can make look pro and get me lots of work, and live happily ever after...

Side Notes

First, thank you marshal for that post, seriously though, it was cool. I did think, as a side note, that it was funny that you refered to the person as "the target." Also, RACHEL, I only dream about you...
I did have a funny dream in the same category on my mission, i dreamt that zack morris was my companion and he was the same blonde haired chick magnet and all the girls in the ward had a crush on him...


are cool. So I was reading this article about that cop that killed all the people at the party. It really enlightened me. They interviewed the girl that survived, the whole reason it happened was cuz he was trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend, she denied him. As many of you being shutdown by a girl you like doesnt feel that great. Well instead of being nice to this guy that had his heart broke, they started making fun of him for getting burned.
What they did doesn't justify what he did. But to think what could have happened if someone had just reached out to him during his emotional pain instead of using it as a weapon to make fun of him.
This whole story has helped me realize that I shouldnt make fun of people as much as I do. Even though I am joking around, it may not seem that way to the target. Sometimes this world can be so bleak.
Something else that i have realized, the music you listen to can really effect your outlook on life. I used to think, Pshaa yah right when they tought that lesson in Sunday School... but lately i have been listening to a lot of Electro happy music, and i have noticed that it makes me happy as opposed to the emo music i used to listen to.
Ok i'm done.

In My Dreams

I had a dream last night that Kinsey and I were hanging out with the cast of High School Musical. And I'm pretty sure Zac Efron had a crush on me.

Monday, October 8, 2007


My computer at work was making it look wierd.

What happened to the cool background and cute picture of Roxy?

Some stuff i have been doing in digitat imaging class

This is my most recent project, we were supposed to make an advertisment for a company.

This is line art that I painted in to give color and texture.

First excercise in class. The birds and the clouds are both added to the image. if you couldn't already tell...


Sunday, October 7, 2007


i am pretty bored. the worst part is i have nothing to write thinking hard anyways. there has to be something i have done... maybe not... maybe i just live a completely boring life...
im not gonna post this until i think of something or go do something...
im gonna go get som apple juice...
mmmmm, this juice is...appley! Is that a word? Applish, appli, applo... maybe not...
Aha i have something. Today i was- never mind new subject!
Parker said he misses me and he wants me to come back to Idaho


My Elder Nelson story is actually one that I'm really embarassed about. So, please don't share it with others. Thats just a story for the people I know have to love me no matter how offensive I am. Thanks.


pennys feelings are hurt. mamamia


i saw a moose. it was big. blogging is lame. mom made me write something.

Hell must have frozen over!

Yes it is I and yes I am officially blogging for the first time. I am glad to hear the Christian may have a lucky streak going in the collection of free items, and that Kinsey is tapping into her inner latin fire. I do believe that Transformers on a Imax screen can change a life and that filtering oneself is a life long pursuit in the Davis Family. I am happy that your exams went so well Ryan. You have given me a whole new perspective on power tools. How is the job hunt going Emily? I am glad to hear that you have that boy of mine doing the laundry. He was well trained in that department.

So life in Sandpoint continues to be pretty wonderful. The fall colors are good for the soul and small town life seems to be a good fit for us. We have been insulating the barn for the last few days so that parker can play ball. I don't think I want to become a professional insulation installer after this experience, so I can take that off my list of possible professions.

In closing I just want you all to know that my commitment to Pajama Sunday has been a success as it is now 5pm and I sit here writing to all of you in my pajamas!

Love you all


ps: I will post my wonderful, healthy zuchini bread recipe next time. Just a little teaser to keep you coming back!

Have No Fear! Pops is Here!

Hey, incredible, extended Davis fam! So good to finally be part of the family blog! And it is wonderful to know that my son-in-law is sawing up cadavers while my college daughter is salsa dancing with illegal aliens. Are we sure we want to have a family blog?

Hey, Rachel, very cool that you dissed Elder Nelson to his granddaughter. Our Church makes the world so small, I think the only way to be sure you never offend anybody is if you never say anything bad about anybody to anybody, or, if you just never talk with anyone, period. Since the odds of a Davis not opening his/her mouth are not very good, maybe we can all make a pact to be "positive only" going forward?

On the positive side, wasn't one of the coolest things to happen in General Conference the way Elder Nelson stood up to support Elder Wirthlin when he started to get feeble during his talk on Saturday morning? I don't know how many of you saw that happen, but I thought it was so sweet, considerate, and thoughtful, the way Elder Nelson, both physician and fellow apostle, walked up to Elder Wirthlin, reassured him, assessed his physical condition, then held on to him while averting his eyes so as not to distract from Elder Wirthlin's mantel. And he stayed there with him a good ten minutes. Very sweet.

Okay, by now you're all sorry I figured out this blog thing. Time to sign off. We are loving it here but missing all of you very much. The only reason this big old house exists is to house all of you, your laughter and our love, over this coming Christmas. See you then!

Onward and upward!



My awkward conference moment

Last night at a donut party with other ladies in the ward, during priesthood. A couple of us got to talking about the talks that we loved from conference. Specifically Elder Holland's, and how passionate it was. Then someone said, "it seemed like he got Elder Nelson going too" to which I said (and I will never know why I would say this, but then, that is the glory of me) "yeah, but I didn't like that he was talking about some deeper doctrines, like the different kingdoms". Now let me explain, so much of that afternoon conference was clearly focused at non members, including Elder Nelsons talk. And I just thought, non members hearing words like Terrestrial and Tellestial might be wierded out and just start thinking about dinosaurs.

Well, here comes the awkward part. Turns out, I should have looked around me, and noticed the shrine to Elder Nelson on the wall behind me. Yeah, he was definitely the grandpa of the girl I was talking to, and of the girl who was hosting the party.

This story is reminiscent of Christian's home teacher insulting The Other Side of Heaven, only worse, because you're not really supposed to critique Apostles talks anyway.


So last night me, scott, tyler and dave went to go see transformers in imax. I had to be the coolest thing ever. For those of you that saw it in ordinary theatres i would suggest seeing it in imax. you wont be dissapointed. it was soooooooooooooo cool.

By the way i love that movie

I am bored now.

I wish mom, parker and dad would participate in this blog....


Sometimes out here is Provo I start to miss California, so in order to help me be less homesick I go to s salsa club where I am surrounded by mexicans who like to dance.....yes it feels like home! The best part about it is that most of them are illegal and don't speak any english, so when I am dancing with them there is no conversation involved.....awkward but heck they are good at the salsa!! I don't know about everyone else but General Conference has been so AMAZING and I just love hearing talks that are all so inspirational and happy. I miss you guys and our breakfast that we would have together.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm a Winner!

So I don't know if you are like me but I am always entering these free giveaways, in fact I have a junk email address dedicated to it. Most if not all of the giveaways I enter are for music/studio gear. Well to get to it, on Thursday I won! I won $400 worth of drum software, cool huh!? Well maybe not for you all, but that's $400 dollars I don't have to spend on cool and necessary software for my studio. It's called EZDrummer: Drums From Hell. Sweet huh! Let's hope I win again next month!

Escondido Pics

Just a couple pictures I took at the California house before we left...

Bone Saw

So yesterday in Gross Anatomy Lab, I used a power bone saw to take off my cadavre's rib cage! It was the coolest power tool I've ever used! I had to saw through two parts of the sternum and eight ribs on both sides, then cut the muscles and nerves and pulled it off like a tuperware lid to expose the lungs and heart. Shavings of bone were flying like sawdust and quite a bit of fluid poured out on the table when I took the rib cage off...

Have a great weekend everybody!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mom, Dad, Parker?

I think we're all ready for you to join the family blog now...

It's Friday I'm In Love

So it's the weekend. YAY!!!!! Of course, i have no idea what to do tonight... Maybe I'll go burn something eh? So I have spent today studying for the ACT (death). super boring but i think i'm gonna do better so thats good. I have also spent a parcel of my Friday working on a movie idea I had. Since I know you all want to know what it's about I am gonna tell you a little bit.

The jist of it is a remake of the davis family classic Jeremiah Johnson. If you don't remember this movie (or if your spouses have not seen it) then I suggest you guys watch it. It' an amazing film. The idea for the remake is to replace the sad parts of the movie with humorous stuff! Like if I where to cast it this is how the cast would go.

Jeremiah Johnson-Owen Wilson
Bear Claw Chris Lapp- Will Ferrell
Del Gou- Ben Stiller

That's all I have for now. But I really like this idea personally, so I thought i might puyt together a story line. So that is what I fill my spare time with. Because since matt left I have a lot of spare play time.


Ps. This saturday night, me and my bois are going to the CA pizza kitchen snaggin sum grub and headin ova to da "TRANSFORMERS IMAX"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rachel's Job Update

I thought maybe I'd tell y'all about my job a little bit. AvalonBay Communities is a real estate development/property management company that builds super nice mutli family communities. There corporate office is here in Alexandria, its about a ten minute drive from our place ( a big improvement from my two hour commute to Irvine my last couple of months in So Cal). I got hired on to a fairly new department usually reffered to as the Fund.

The Fund consists of three other employees. We are primarily responsible for managing two very large joint venture capital funds. We have a few large scale investors, we purchase B and C properties, turn them into A properties (through renevations and better management) and then sell them. We have an awesome portfolio and some really amazing properties! Its a job that really keeps me busy and challenges me. Which is fantastic!

Also, since this is there headquarters, it is a very different office experience for me. This is where the cream of the crop of their employees work, so they treat us really well. They really invest a lot of time in keeping their employees happy. I also am located right next to the Marketing department, which keeps things a little more interesting. My co-workers in the Fund tend to be a little more serious/workaholics, whereas the Marketing people take two hour lunches everyday. I do envy them a little.

Thats it for me.

Here is a link to one of my favorite of our properties, in San Francisco.

P.S. Props to Emily for making the page look so cool, and for having the good taste to put a picture of our puppy up. Maybe you should put a pic up of your poop bleached excercise ball too.

So, as I am writing this I am sitting in the Laundry room surrounded by the delicious smell of detergent, and paitently waiting to move my laundry along so some jerk wont come take it out and throw it on the floor.....Don't you just miss those college days when you don't have your own washer and dryer, I know I will!! I do not have much to say, I just have about four papers to write tonight and two tests to take tomorrow and one next week and I am still not loving school quite yet. But I think I am going to try to get a job at a high school near by just because it would be interesting and add a lil flare to my life! As of today there is not much to say except thanks for this whole Blog thing, rachel for the idea and marshal for pulling through with it. And congrats to christian on his music and Ryan I am glad that you are still enjoying school even after the exams, and I am just very impressed that you are holding your own out there. I will tell more later when there is something to tell......oh as for my love life, because I know everyone is wondering, there isn't one!! I know crazy, but I love it just being single with all of my single roommates and having the freedom to do whatever I want!!! I love you guys! Marshal, I heard you were so CUTE in the musical and did such a fabulous job!!!

Regaining some sanity

So as Rachel said, I have made it through my first set of exams. I recognize that none of you have gone to medical school, so I'll tell you kinda what I'm doing. I am currently taking three main classes and one course that is quite complex in structure called "Practice of Medicine (POM)." I am taking Gross anatomy, which consists of a three-day a week 2-hour lecture and a separate 2-hour gross anatomy lab with the cadavres, also three days a week. Next, Microanatomy - which is histology (study of tissues) and cell biology; this is similar to gross anatomy in structure but the lab is online slides of tissues (kind of an online microscope). Last, is Neurobiology - structure is same as other two, a couple lectures a week with an online lab.
POM has several parts to it. First part is small group sessions where we go over medical cases, and for the next few weeks we research that case: how to diagnose and how to fix it. For example, our first case was an older woman with a hip fracture. We studied things like what diseases or conditions could have caused the bone to be weak enough to break, what problems could arise from the break, and how to fix it (ie. surgical repair vs. replacement); last we talked about how to help her manage her life after the break: could she continue to care for her grandaughter or do we need to help arrange a care taker, etc. The next part of the class is a separate small group session to learn how to do the acctual medical interview, how to ask questions and find out what's going on in the person's body. The same class also teaches how to do diagnostic precedures like routine physical, etc. The third part of the class is where we are assigned to a doctor in the area (mine is in Bethesda, MD) who will be our mentor. Every couple weeks we spend the day there and observe, and eventually help to treat. For example, last year a student did 5 rectal exams on his first day...CAN'T WAIT!
So that's what my life is right now. I'm having a blast and loving every minute of it. I still get tickled sometimes that I'm acctually here, which is great that I still feel that way after exams. I seriously studied more for these exams than I ever did at BYU, even including finals and all. The way they grade is not with letters, there's Honors (same as an A), Pass (69.5-89.5), and Fail (anything lower). The good thing about that is, there's no curve and so no competition. We havn't gotten back our acctual scores, but they posted the correct answers and I'm pretty sure I got honors on all my tests! That's especially nice considering that the word on the street is that our last test was "insanely difficult." Anyway, I don't say that to brag, it's just a really nice feeling that a little BYU grad can hang with the Stanford and Columbia grads!
Anyway, I'm glad that we're doing this now, it's gonna be fun. Congrats on working doing cool stuff before even graduating Christian! Also, I fully support Roxanne being the team mascot.

I'm Ryan McBeth and I approve this message.


So, obviously, the blog has been decorated - that was me. Feel free to make changes if it's not the right style. But, really, isn't cute little Roxanne what comes to mind when you think "Davis family"??

One item of business: I know we can all post on this blog using the yahoo email address Marshal made, but there is a way to allow everyone to post as a unique user, thereby avoiding the need to sign your posts. I had Blogger send everyone an email inviting you to use your own Gmail account to log into this blog. If it's confusing or just not worth it to you, then don't do it.

Thanks, Marsh, for getting this up and running! I already feel more connected to everyone!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Marshal's Day....poor baby

So today was a loooooooong day! I had palomar classes until 3ish then went home did some writing. Helped christian with some stuff and then had to perform in the lame High School Music remake as performed by felicita ward. I dont care how many people say "it was great" or "you where so cute" me being a teenage boy can never accept that performance as good!
Anyways tommorow is a nice slow day. I get to study for my ACT and do some packet work. No drive to Palomar SM. Thank Goodness
Over and Out
-marsh man


Ryan has been basically non-existent in my life for the last two weeks, so I'm really happy to have him back. Although he doesn't have the actual results back yet, it is likely that he made honors on a few, if not all of his exams. So thats pretty awesome!


I've made it!

Christian here, just wanted to let everyone know that I successfully signed on, we're ready to blog...

The Davis Family Blog

Hey Guys,
Marshal Here. I Just finished getting this set up! I am going to email the Blogger info to everyone how to get in and stuff. If you have any questions of how to post pictures and stuff just lemme know.
-Marsh Man